March 2, 2018

The 8th Dimension

An interesting client session took place right after I got back from my Mexico trip, but I wanted to wait until I got all of the trip insights posted before I got back to business as usual.  So here’s a little background.  I will call this client Jeff, and this was only the second time that I have worked with him. 

We ran into trouble right at the start of the session, as Jeff was having a tremendously hard time focusing in on the issue that he wanted to work with.  I always tell clients that if they are crystal clear and passionate about what they want to change in their life, their Quantum Sphere Healing session will be much more productive.  That also makes my job a lot easier.  We finally settled on something just to have a start to the healing work. 

It turns out that Jeff has had ongoing and lifelong issues with being consistently out of his body, and dealing with certain aspects of physicality in general, such as cleanliness, lack of self care, poor follow through and not being able to attend to the details of his new business.  He is a good big picture guy, but when it comes to bringing that bigger view into concrete reality, there are problems. 

Of course, I cannot divulge the specific processes that I used, but here it is in a nutshell. It turned out that Jeff’s connection to his Higher Self and also Greater Self had been fractured going all the way up through his dimensional levels.  This disconnect was severe but fortunately not complete, or else he would not be here in a physical body at all.  Where in his spiritual “upline” had an event occurred that caused this? 

As a side note, we know that dimensions 5 through 7 are the realms of the Higher Self.  The center of the Milky Way Galaxy is located at the 9th dimension.  This is where all of the patterning for the dimensions below is generated.  I found the source Jeff’s problem lodged in his 8th dimensional energy field.  Now this is the interesting part.  I determined that in the distant past, he had experienced an annihilation event caused by a massive explosion of some kind that caused a distortion in the way he deals with the basics of being in the physical world.

My next step was to determine what caused this explosion.  Was it natural, in other words earthly or from outer space?  No.  Turns out that it was caused by a man made weapon of some sort.  A weapon of mass destruction that caused unimaginable damage, perhaps even a planet killer.  It is also interesting that Jeff was carrying the damage in his dimensional bandwidth where the patterns that have come down from the galactic core are just starting to manifest and gel.  What better place to disrupt his connection to the physical world? 

So I healed the 8th dimensional damage and brought that healed connection to physicality back down to Jeff in the present 3D/4D world where he needs to manifest his goals.  Of course there was a lot more that was done in the session in addition to this.  When I shared this information with Jeff, he wondered if he had been carrying the psychic damage from the destruction of Maldek.  Possibly.  It is believed that this massive annihilation event created our asteroid belt.  How many of us carry the so common fear of annihilation inside of us to this day? 

Also, in the weeks after I returned from the sacred sites of Mexico, twice as I was in that in between space before fully waking up in the morning, I caught a very brief glimpse of some sort of energy grid overlaying my reality.  Could this have been the patterning of the 8th dimension showing itself?  I also journeyed to that dimension during our last launch a few weeks ago and perceived the same thing.  An interest of mine that crops up from time to time involves the ability to manifest objects, food, and detoxify polluted air and water.  Perhaps the 8th dimension is the place to start for that!

February 19, 2018


At last, here we are on our final day of this action packed trip.  This morning, we departed for the Mayan site of Tulum, which is just down the coast from Cancun.  This was another crowded location, again because of its proximity to all of the resorts in and near Cancun. 

Tulum was one of the last cities built and inhabited by the Mayans.  It is situated on the coast and served as a port for the inland city of Coba.  It is a fairly small walled site, with the main feature being the Temple El Castillo which is perched on a bluff overlooking the water. 

This city reached its peak between 1200 and 1400, and they even survived 70 years after the Spanish arrived until the old world diseases took their toll. 

Here is the Temple of the Wind God with several small altars in front.
More structures.
Look at the crowds!

I found the energy here to be quite refreshing and serene, carefree and easy.  Because of the ocean breezes, the air was clear and refreshing.  It felt like a wonderful vacation spot or retreat for the people farther inland.  Most importantly, I definitely felt that I had been there before, as all was very familiar.  What if I was that astronomer from Chichen Itza?  What would I be doing here?  As Venus was a very important “star” to all of the ancient people of the Americas, what better place to observe it rising than looking east across the water to the horizon!  I could almost imagine myself sitting on top of one of the tall buildings in the early morning hours waiting for Venus to rise. 

After a dinner with most everyone that evening, we said our goodbyes.  I have to say that the elevated energy of the places we visited stayed with me for several weeks after returning home.  It reminded me of the after effects of my travels to Peru and all of the sacred sites there.  Many thanks to you all for sharing in my Mexican odyssey!

Goodbye from one of the local iguanas.

February 18, 2018

Chichen Itza

What a difference a day makes!  When we arrived at Chichen Itza, it was a total mob scene.  This is the most popular Mayan site on the Yucatan Peninsula, mainly because of its proximity to Cancun, and it gets at least 1.5 million visitors a year.   I visited this area 2 different times about 40 years ago, when Cancun was just being built up as a resort destination, so this was kind of a shock. 

Even so, with a bit of effort, it wasn’t hard to get good photos.  Here is El Castillo, the centerpiece of the site.  This is where the serpent of light can be seen going up the side of the main staircase on the equinoxes. 

The massive ball court was clearly created for ceremonies and displays of pageantry.  Because of the way the game was played, it would have been impossible to get the ball through the ring mounted high above.  Note the ever-present serpent motif!
Mona and I then walked over to the infamous cenote.  This is the one where human sacrifices were made, as was discovered when it was dredged.  There are other cenotes nearby, and I am wondering if those were used mainly for drinking water? 

Here is the Temple of the Warriors with the Chacmool statue at the top of the stairway.
The structure that fascinated me the most was the Observatory. 

It is quite possible that I had another past life here.  A young man perhaps, dedicated to observing the movement of the heavenly bodies?  I am certain that when I was there many years ago, that we were allowed to go into the observatory, and also climb up on most of the other structures.  Those are all roped off now.

Past the observatory was a normal sized ball court. 
Further on down there were some buildings that looked quite megalithic to me, as their construction was a bit different form the rest.  Perhaps they were just much older. 

Sadly, we were reaching the end of our journey.   On to Tulum tomorrow.

February 17, 2018


The site of Mayapan was the last big city of the Mayan civilization.  After Chichen Itza declined, the walled city of Mayapan was built as a smaller version of its former capital, and was the Mayan capitol for about 200 years before its final abandonment in 1441.    

Once again at this site, there were only a few people other than our group walking around.  The area that has been cleared and restored is fairly small, but there were quite a few interesting features to be explored.  Its main temple, the Temple of Kukulcan, is a smaller version of the large one at Chichen Itza, complete, I am assuming, with the serpent of light that goes down the side of the staircase during the equinoxes.  There is a platform in front of that pyramid.
Next, we have what looks like an observatory, again a smaller version of the one at Chichen Itza.
Archeologists call this the Temple Redondo.

Now, this is hard to describe.  When you walk through one of the doorways into the observatory, you are in a circular hallway that goes around the outer wall on the inside.  The central pillar has 4 niches evenly spaced.  Three are inset into the pillar, and the 4th had a locked gate on it, ostensibly being the entrance to the stairway that leads to the top of the structure.   The pillar goes straight up and then flares out to meet the outer wall, to accommodate this stairway inside of it.
What were they doing up there?  Stargazing perhaps?
There was a cenote behind the observatory.  A cenote is a limestone sinkhole filled with water.  Since drinking water seems to have been an issue for most of the sites on the Yucatan peninsula, having a cenote on the property was very important. We visited the cenote below after our trip to Chichen Itza the next day.  Clearly it was a big attraction for  swimmers of all ages! 
In the plaza in front of the main pyramid were 4 curved lines of stone that I found fascinating.
They faced to the south, and did not look like they were the remains of the foundation of a building.  I asked my inner guidance about that.  What if one were to put some sort of pole in the ground in front of them?  You would end up with a sundial for telling the time! 

There were several sets of columns where complete buildings had once stood.  These probably held up thatched roofs. 

The other very interesting features were near the smaller pyramid on the site.
First there was a monolith with what looked like a water feature carved out on its top. 

Then we have right in front of the pyramid’s stairway, two circular stone structures.
Farther beyond that is an altar platform.  It all lines up with the stairway and the monolith is off to one side.  This was clearly another kind of ceremonial space at the site.  I am guessing that these outlined spaces or pools were probably filled with water for the ceremonies. 

All in all, a very interesting site.  When I tapped into the energy here, it was all about science, measurements, and figuring things out.  This was the last site that we would visit where there were no crowds.  Then we were off to the very crowded sites of Chichen Itza and Tulum to finish off our trip.